December Issue

Recycling and Solidarity  Fair

Awards Ceremony 

3rd December: a medieval "Baza, qué!"

Celebrating Constitution Day: Viva la Pepa!

M4ths Proj3ct: II Christmas Contest of Mathematical  Design with Recycled material

M9th3m9t1c19n Box

Good-bye Esther and Phoebe, Welcome Back, Mario and Alejandro

IEARN Holiday Exchange Project

Business Administration Students create a company   

What did the Romans do for us?

Integrated project: Recycling


Recycling and Solidarity Fair

From 17th to 21st December our school hosted  I Recycling and Solidarity Fair. This event has counted on a large participation of pupils and teachers, which has contributed to the success of this solidarity action. It should be mentioned the work carried out by 3 ESO students and their class-teachers, as well as the school counseling departament. To know more, click here  
(press release published on the 26th December) 



Awards Ceremony

As every year, and after a complex selection process, Year 1 and 2 students have been awarded achievement certificates in different categories including  "diploma of excellence", "best athlete", "computer whiz" etc.
Congratulations to the winners! 

3rd of December: a  medieval "Baza, Qué!"


  Wearing medieval costumes and outfits, a group of 4 ESO students and their History teacher took part in the traditional celebration of the "Baza, qué!", a festivity commemorating the taking of Baza by the Catholic Queen and King, back in 1489. 
Five centuries after the siege and occupation of the city, the population still continues commemorating this date, but now as a symbol of integration of cultures and mutual tolerance.

 Celebrating Constitution Day: Viva la Pepa!

País de abanico. Proclamación de la Constitución (Foto: Fundación Federico Joly Höhr)

Celebration of the anniversary of 1812 Constitution by 4 ESO

200 years ago, the Spanish Constitution was set up in Cadiz. It was the year 1812.  More commonly known as La Pepa, it was signed on March 19, or Saint Jose’s Day, which gave it the name, as Pepe is a common nickname for Jose (and la constitution is feminine).
The constitution was produced by the Cadiz Cortes against the backdrop of the Peninsular War when Spain was resisting the siege of Napoleon’s French troops. While Spain was in the grip of the French colonial power, a provisional government was set up in the south to act in the absence of the legitimate king, Fernando VII.
Considered  one of  the most liberal constitutions of its time, it was the first and most extensive of Spain’s constitutions (between 1812 and 1978 Spain actually had eight different constitutions) and established the principles of universal suffrage, national sovereignty and freedom of the press. Although it didn't recognise everybody's rights, it set two precedents that formed the basis of the liberal political system: national sovereignty and the division of powers.


II Christmas Contest of Mathematical Design with Recycled Material

The JM Math Department has launched a new contest this year; once again the aim is to stimulate problem solving and cultivate interest in good mathematics.
Every month a new challenging problem will be published and students will be invited to submit solutions, using a post box placed in the hall of our high school. Correct and ingenious solutions will be identified and at the end of the terms, those pupils with the highest accumulative score will get awards.
Here it is the announcing poster, where you can find more information about this initiative  

Good-Bye to Esther and Phoebe,

Welcome back, Mario and Alejandro

After a 3 month-stay, Esther and Phoebe, two students from Belgian High School "Sint Vincentius" went back to Eeklo, having fulfilled their main objective, i.e. to learn Spanish. They have been attending 1 Bachillerato lessons and participating in extra-curricular activities, such as taking part in a live radio programme, during which they were interviewed by local journalist. 
This type of mobilities is part of the European programme "Comenius individual pupil mobility".  In Comenius IPM, secondary school students are sent from one European country to another for a stay of 3 to 10 months. As is the case with YFU programmes, the pupils stay in host families and study at a local school.
At the same time, in December we had the opportunity of welcoming back two 4 ESO students, Mario and Alejandro, who have spent three months in Eeklo.  

IEARN Holiday Exchange Project 

1 ESO pupils finally got Christmas cards from their pen-pals around the world. In the last days before going on holidays, our school was flooded with cards coming from Taiwan, Russia, Canada, USA and many other places.This is part of the IEARN Holiday Exchange project in whihc our school has been taking part during this first term of the year. 

Business Administration students create a simulated company 

As part of their syllabus,  Business administration students have been asked to create a company and its website. With the aim of completing their professional training, students have taken part in the process of designing and founding a simulated company, applying all the knowledge acquired. Apart from that they have also created the company's website and re-enacted a Business Fair
To see one of the company's websites, click here
To see one of the advertisements, click here 
Both of them have been succesfully designed by Beatriz Medialdea, a Year 2 student. 
Below you can see several moments during the Business Fair, where students counted on language assistant's collaboration

Integrated project: What did the Romans do for us?



Integrated Project:Recycling 

As part of the Integrated Project syllabus, 1 Bachillerato students have been asked to research on specific materials and think of their recycling possibilities. Apart from producing scientific posters illustrating the conclusions of their research, they have produced several models using the specific material assigned. Both posters and models will be exhibited in school premises. The aim is to make school community aware of the importance of preserving our planet.

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