October issue

 School Exchanges
Comenius: Meeting in Poland
Sustainable Development through ecological farming
Is your name a prime number?
Kick-off for recycling: recycling in the History class
Science and Health
A New Integrated project for 2 Bach. students

School Exchanges


Our school welcomes a group of students from Caen


 A group of students and teachers take part in the fifth Comenius meeting "Schools on the  mov(i)e", held in Poland. There the Spanish film "El Bola" was chosen to be seen and discussed during the next Comenius meeting which will take place in February. Our school will host this meeting where each participating country will present a video-clip advertising their school.
For more information about this Comenius project, click here

Sustainable Development through ecological farming

After researching on the topic of ecological farming and agriculture,  1 bachillerato students design their own orchards, trying to put into practice all the knowledge acquired about gardening, pesticides, irrigation, seeds, and much more. Unfortunately, the school has not be granted permission to use the neighbouring greenhouse, on the basis that it will be needed for a project on archaeology. Here you can see some of the presentations resulting from students' research.

Is your name a prime number?

If we want to find the answer to this question,we'll have to ask 1 ESO pupils. They have been studying natural numbers, prime numbers, and much more during these first weeks of the school year. 

The book THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME tells how  Scooby Doo (113), Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are prime numbers if their letters are replaced by numbers. Just in case you feel curious about your name, follow the instructions found on page 32 'Or if you see someone's name and you give each letter a value from 1 to 26 (a=1, b=2 etc) and you add the numbers up in your head and find that it makes a prime number, like Scooby Doo (113)

Our pupils take part in the international project "Weather around the world"

From October to  June, fourteen schools all over the world will collaborate collecting informationabout the weather in their areas. These data will be uploaded to the project website.

For more information, click here

Kick- off for recycling: recycling in the History and Geography class


Science and health

3 ESO pupils study and reflect on healthy habits and prevention. As part of their learning process, they have prepared posters promoting healthy living, as well as brochures informing about sexually transmitted diseases. Slogans and typical English sayings are used to insist on the need of keeping a healthy diet and doing exercise.


A New Integrated Project for 2 Bachillerato students

This year and thanks to the special interest and expertise of English teacher, Samuel González, 2 Bachillerato students will have the opportunity to improve both their knowledge of English and Cinematography. The integrated project "Schools on the mov(i)e" has been structured around different genres and classic films. After watching and analyzing the selected film, students have to choose a scene of that movie and film their own version. The first film genre studied was musical and the film watched, Singing in the rain.

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